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Autographed Copy - The Courage to Heal by Tracy Strawberry

Autographed Copy - The Courage to Heal by Tracy Strawberry
$ 20.00
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Can you really start over again and have a meaningful life?

  • After experiencing deep emotional hurts?
  • After struggling with ingrained dysfunctional habits?
  • After falling into addictions?
  • After making destructive choices that alienate your family and friends?

Your struggles are not who you are—they’re what you’re overcoming. Tracy Strawberry knows firsthand how hard it is to face the daily challenges of healing from your past and its consequences. After years of battling addiction, alcoholism, and other life-controlling issues, she surrendered her life to Jesus Christ and experienced a radical transformation through the power of God and the process of change. In these pages, Tracy offers inspiration and proven principles for experiencing healing, overcoming your struggles, and living a victorious life. Give yourself permission to hope and dream again as you find The Courage to Heal.

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